All Sissies Must Work-Out!

All Sissies Must Work-Out!

All Sissies Must Work-Out!

by Sophie Rivers

Don't worry this isn't going to be a boring article telling you why exercise is good for you and that you should eat your vegetables. You already know these things! Instead this article is going to (hopefully) motivate and inspire you to work out.

Most of us hate working out and going to the gym. It often seems pointless when there's no purpose and it's also complicated when you don't know where to start! I'm here to tell you that if you're into 'sissification' you have a cheat code and the opportunity to override your brain which never feels like working out.

Millions of people around the world work-out every single day and they love it. You can be one of them and the trick is to have a purpose. What's the purpose for a sissy to work out? The answer is obvious! To feel like a bad ass with a hot ass...

That's over simplifying it. Of course, the traditional way of how a female body should look is outdated and the thin super model body isn't the only form of beauty in our society. So when I say a goal for sissies working out is to attain a more 'feminine' feeling body, I don't mean you should look super skinny! It's about where you focus your work-outs and what feels more feminine. 

To make what I'm saying easier to understand let's forget about attaining a feminine body altogether. Your goal is to gain a sissy body. The idea of a sissy body will be different for everyone but universally most sissies would agree that a sissy body would consist of hot smooth legs underneath a firm ass that's holding up a nice waist for hands to hold.

I think that's fair and a common desire in the sissy community. When it comes to above the waist you're talking about the world of boobs. That's going to be a more controversial opinion.

That's why I'm looking to bring your attention from the waist down. Here's a wonderful in-depth article explaining some exercises you can do to get that thinner toned waist and a bigger firm butt.

Continue to research on ass exercises and play around until you find what works for you. I constructed by own that works for me after spending a few days researching all the different exercises. Personally "donkey kicks" are the most fun and I notice my ass gets so firm from doing them, you will se progress within a few days! 

Once you create your own "Sissy Work-Out Routine" and you get yourself a pair of pink leggings and a yoga matt you will find yourself 10 times more motivated to work-out. Why? Because now you have a purpose and it's fun. When you're doing your exercise with the intention to become more sissified it will turn you on. Yes! It will turn you on while you are exercising. It will feel like something fun and naughty and not just boring old exercise.

You might even find you'll become to eat healthier snacks like popcorn and dark chocolate. Who knows how much the sissy mindset will impact your health! You could lose tons of weight within a few months. Whether your goal is to just feel healthier or get yourself a big juicy booty to attract boys you can use your connection with sissification to impact your life in a healthier way.

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