Coming Clean About Sissy Maids

Coming Clean About Sissy Maids


Here's the dictionary definition for the word...

"maid' noun [a women or girl employed to do domestic work].

As you can not only does most of the world see the role of a maid as a gender specific role, so does the dictionary! Don't worry we are not here to be all political, the purpose of this article is to help protect the sissy community and confirm what a sissy maid.

First of let's explain "protect the sissy community". Unfortunately and maybe rightfully so the sissy community and it's content is receiving more and more backlash from biological women for it's often misogynistic tones.

Such as statements often found in sissy captions such as "you're a girl so that means you're a toy for men". It's obviously fun for people who are into sissification and humiliation but the truth is you are often receiving pleasure from content that is harmful for millions of women around the world.

We are here to offer a different perspective and hopefully a solution to this issue that will allow you to look at sissification and being a house maid in a different way. Honestly we also think this way will bring you a lot more balance, understanding and even pleasure! 

Another obviously example of toxicity within the sissy community surrounds the idea of being a maid. Millions of sissies love the idea of being a maid. That's okay as long as you are aware of your intentions. Ask yourself why you desire to be a maid. There's tons of content in the sissification that will convince you that the reason you want to be a maid is because that's what women do and you want to be a woman. 

Don't let the captions and sissy hypnosis fool you to much. It's all supposed to be for fun because if you talk a long walk in the park and asked yourself "do I want to be a women?" you would most likely say NO

All this toxic content convinces you to enjoy your body and experience pleasurable orgasms that you need to be a woman. It's not true! You can have as much pleasure as a man or woman. Sissifcation can be made so complicated and it takes away the fun. See sissy less as a confused state of mind being a man questioning his gender. It's more like a costume or roleplay. Sissification is like getting into character. When you get all sissified you're simply playing the character who is extremely submissive.

Not only is it not true that being a maid is for women, it's also not true that the reason you want to be a maid is because it's feminine. The reason millions of people are attracted to being a maid is become traditionally maids wore dresses and it consists of servitude. It's the one potential role were it makes sense to wear a dress and complete a long list of chores for someone. Why would you want to do this? You're submissive...

It's that simple. Although "why are you submissive" is a question for another post

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