The Nipplegasm & How To Do It.

The Nipplegasm & How To Do It.

That's right sissy. I said nipplegasm. There is probably a good chunk of people in the sissy community who might have heard of the concept of nipplegasms but there are very few sissies who have even experienced one. Those who are fortunate enough to have experienced a nipplegasm can tell you what heaven is.

Here's some information and advices that could lead you to the most heavenly orgasm a sissy can have.

Most of us would be familiar with the concept of a "sissygasms" but I'll give a brief introduction for those of you who have never heard of sissgasms. The sissygasm in most cases is when a biological male who practices sissification achieves an orgasm without touching their penis and by stimulating their prostate instead. Often this means getting pegged or playing with a dildo. However there are tons of veteran sissies who know a sissygasm can be achieved without touching their penis or even their prostate. You can achieve a sissygasm by stimulating any of your erogenous zones...

What is an erogenous zone? Erogenous zones are parts of the body that excite sexual feelings when stimulated. There are tons of erogenous zones in the body. The may be genital or extragenital (e.g. buttocks, lips, feet, ears). Traditionally a female orgasm is encouraged by stimulation of the extragenital zones usually during foreplay. Everybody is different and the sensitivity in each persons erogenous zones can vary. Hence why people have a such a variety of body part preferences when it comes to what turns them on.

Of course the most common erogenous zone that you're aware is probably your penis and as so many sissies have decided to lock their penis into a chastity cage, it is likely they have become bored of the penis zone. The fact that so many sissies are getting double the pleasure from NOT being permitted to touch their penises is a tell-tale sign to awaken a new erogenous zone. And the easiest zone to awaken is....

The nipples on biological males have hundreds of nerve endings therefore making them super sensitive when the nerve endings are touched. If your reaction is "well, mine aren't", I will explain further down how to train your nipples to become more sensitive. Something interesting to also point out is that when biological women touch their nipples the sensations from their nipples travel to the same part of the brain as the signals sent from touching the clitoris. There have not being studies done on men's brain but many sissies (including myself) report intense sensations and tingling in our penises. It is possible that men's nipple to brain to penis relationship is similar to a woman's nipple to brain to clitoris. 

To give you some first hand experience I have had both types of orgasms. The sissygasm achieved from prostate stimulation and the nipplegasm. The sissygasm from being pegged was far more intense and earthshakingly hot for me than the nipplegasm. However in SO many ways the nipplegasm was more heavenly. There's also something more sissifying about an orgasm from touching your nipples, there's definitely a more feminine feeling with all the intense tingles and waves of pleasure from nipplegasms. To sum it up the nipplegasm made me feel like the biggest sissy in the world.

Biology can be boring but the purpose in explaining it is like anything mechanical. The more you know how something works the more efficiently you can operate it. That brings us to the fun part, slut. 

Training yourself to actually having a nipplegasm will depend on three main things....

1. Your nipples sensitivity level. Your nipples need to be sensitive so you can feel pleasure! There are tons of techniques online on how to make them more sensitive to derive more pleasure. The more you touch them the more they will awaken. Play with them every night and day and as much as you can. You will find the longer you go without ejaculating the more pleasure you will start to feel in them. Stroke them, twist them and pull them.

2. Your ability to surrender. Your body and mind need to surrender. We have limited ourselves in where we source our pleasure so it might take some surrendering to new ideas to find pleasure else where in our bodies. It's important to be in a relaxed state to get the most out of your nipples. I'd recommend you to lie down in a dark room with no other stimulation. Just you, your bed, some slow breathing and your nipples.

3. Your sexual state. Your sexual state, meaning how horny you are. If you are a sissy who can wear chastity for long periods of time this will be no problem for you and you'll already understand the value in a state of constant horniness. Wear your cage and refrain from ejaculation for a few days and you'll notice how good your nipples will start to feel.

Finally when you get to a stage were you are noticing intense amounts of pleasure you can use this final trick to have the sissygasm you have worked so hard for. As you start to feel intense pleasure in your nipples you might find yourself getting frustrated when the rising pleasure seems to stop. The trick is to tease yourself. Touch your nipples and allow the pleasure to build and when you reach a level of bliss, pull your hands away! You won't want to but do it. It's important to tease yourself and desire more pleasure from your nipples to reach a nipplegasm. Here's a fun trick. When you're touching yourself allow yourself to be the obedient sissy that you are feeling the tingles through your body and when you reach a point of bliss you can also be the dominate mistress who tells you to pull away.

Touch others parts of your body while you beg yourself for permission to touch them again. You'll be moaning in no time.

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