The Psychology & Spirituality of Sissyfication

The Psychology & Spirituality of Sissyfication

Most people uncover the sissy rabbit hole through p*rnography. In fact, it would be safe to say 99% of people reading this came into the world of sissyfication via some sissy caption or hypnosis video they stumbled upon online. Can you recall your path to where you are now? Unfortunately, there is a high percentage of people who view sissyfication as nothing more than a p*rn category. However, the sissy rabbit hole is much deeper and older than all the s*xualized sissy content you might watch online. It might come as a surprise to you but sissyfication is actually older than the internet. Those who have spent a buttload of time in sissy-related forums might have even come across some sissy queens talking about identifying with sissyfication as far back as the 60s. Sissyfication is a p*rn category for millions, a fetish for thousands, a lifestyle for hundreds, and a road to self-discovery for you.


What the f*ck does that mean? It means the origins of sissyfication come from a deeply personal place for people. Especially those who can connect to it outside of the world of online content. Those who might recall borrowing panties or wanting to try makeup from a very young age. Each person is different and not everyone will have the same story to uncover the sissy rabbit hole but there are thousands who absolutely have a deep desire to embrace femininity. It might sound funny but the majority of people who have dreamed of dressing as a girl from an early age are usually straight people who identify as male. And that’s okay…


Sissyfication is a product of society's limited understanding of being human. Although historically our ancient ancestors were more accepting of cross-dressing (as seen in ancient cultures across the globe) in the past few centuries society decided to make things black and white. “There are men who have masculine energy and there are women who have feminine energy and anything outside of that is the devil's work”. You can call that an intense summary but that’s how people felt, on the outside. On the inside people who were born with a natural attraction toward embracing the feminine still acted out. There’s never being a time in human history were people didn’t secretly cross-dress in societies that condemned it. That indicates how natural it is for people to do it. But why is it natural?


Human anatomy is split into two contrasting but complementary elements called male and female. Those are words we can use in relation to biology. However, the concept of masculinity and femininity is a bit more abstract. It is believed that each soul is neither masculine nor feminine but both. Then if that is the case for your soul to shine in its entirety it is important to honour both aspects. That does not mean all men need to wear dresses sometimes. It means that all men and women must understand how both masculinity and femininity relate to them. You can have the world's strongest man who is confident in his femininity just by how he cares gently for his family or paints pictures. Embracing masculine and feminine energies can be done in millions of ways and are personal to each individual.  Sissyfication is a result of a society that has mistakenly connected masculine and feminine energy. Just because grammatically it makes sense to put them in order does not mean it matches psychologically or even spiritually.


Let’s take a deep breath for a minute and rewind. It’s possible you might not have ever even wondered why you “borrowed” that first pair of panties or why you wanted to try on makeup from a very young age. That’s okay, but if you want to get the most out of your life and start to live as a more whole-balanced person then start thinking about it. It can be helpful to just write your thoughts out and address the topic of your reasons to connect to sissyfication. Ask questions like “When and why did I get into sissyfication?”, “How does it make me feel to dress up girly?” or “Psychologically what events happened to lead me here?”. There are millions of different questions you could ask but if you begin to ask some of them you might find some interesting insights into who you really are.


Sissyfication does not have to be a shameful aspect of your life that leads you to overindulgence in hypnosis videos that are calling you dumb, worthless and a f*cktoy. Instead, you might discover that you are an empowered, balanced, happy person who simply likes to wear a dress.

Just a thought...

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