Sissy Alive is an online store for sissies. An independent brand looking to build a wholesome community in the world of sissification.


Sissy Alive as a whole is more than just a store. It is a brand that intends on building a positive platform for people to communicate in the world of sisisifcation. It was launched in January 2023 and has a five year plan to create one of the most authentic sissy brands in the world. At the moment the brands main focus is building an online store that sells products at an affordable price. All the profits made from the store go back into the brand to build other platforms for the sissy community. Our goal is to build a popular social media platform for sissies by the year 2025. We appreciate all your patiene and hope you stick with us on this journey to highlight the more positive aspects of sissification. Read more about our ethos in relation to sissification.


We're looking to build a loyal, creative and fun team. If you have experience and want to get involved please contact us at